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Don’t let mosquito problems keep you indoors or ruin your social gatherings. Take back your yard with the Primo Pest In2Care System. The natural and organic annual mosquito control program that protects your family from air attacks! Mosquito management starts with the elimination of breeding sites. The In2Care system does just that!

We can help you reclaim your fun spaces again and enjoy them all year round! Call us at (904) 267-1109


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How does In2Care Work?

Our natural option is available at the same price as other synthetic insecticides.  By utilizing the new technology of IGR (insect growth regulators) in our mosquito traps, we can effectively reduce the growth and spread of the mosquitos around your home. Additionally, we can complete spot treatments.  These treatments are designed to target the adult mosquitos and reduce them before they have time to reproduce.

Benefits of our Mosquito Prevention Program

  • Mosquito Free environment.
  • Treatments are safe for your family.
  • Convenience – no need to schedule and be home during our treatments.

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Primo Pest and the future of Mosquito reduction.

Have you been looking for a natural mosquito repellent and unable to find one that is effective?  Our state of the art Mosquito control services can protect you, your family, customers and associates from bites and diseases through natural products that won’t contaminate your property and the environment.  Our goal at Primo Pest is to focus on the concepts of IPM.  We actively work to solve your problems while utilizing the latest technology advances to reduce the amount and types of products we use to solve your pest problems. We focus on utilizing green practices and new revolutionary natural mosquito control solutions that are non-toxic solutions and are safe for you and your family.

Reduction Program

Our mosquito barrier protection program will help reduce mosquito population greatly.  We have several programs that will help reduce the overall mosquitos around your home. Call us at (904) 267-1109.