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Because choosing a pest control company for their services can be confusing, allow us to outline some of our key differences!  Primo Pest has completed literally thousands of inspections with highly qualified licensed pest control experts.

Our specialty is inspecting homes valued at $500,000+, so we are very familiar with more complex homes, and your full-color inspection or detailed service report is emailed by the next business day following the appointment (but often the same day!).

 Our dedication to excellence and top-notch customer service has set us apart from our competition and Primo Pest is your best choice for pest control and related services. 

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Here at Primo Pest we utilize an IPM (Integrated pest management) service approach, which is the safest pest control service you can buy for your family. IPM is a Holistic Pest Control service that takes into consideration the entire environment starting with people, pets, property, plants, and the planet.  People today want to take a more proactive holistic approach to what they put in their home, and IPM allows for that.  With the use of little to no toxic materials, the process relies more on the six basic aspects of IPM, which are:


Proper identification of damage and responsible “pest”


Learn pest and host life cycle and biology.


Monitor or sample environment for pest population. 


Establish action threshold (economic, health or aesthetic) 


Choose an appropriate combination of management tactics.


Evaluate results.


These steps and approach form the basis for the practice of IPM.  Although Chemicals my not be necessarily eliminated with IPM, here at Primo Pest we utilize control strategies that utilize the least or non toxic to humans and non target organisms.

IPM is a natural extension of organic pest control, it is the only pest control service recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for safety and effectiveness around children and it’s the pest control mandated in most schools and childcare facilities, It’s also recommended by the American Veterinary Association for safety around pets, IPM is Mandated by the Green Building Council for LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design buildings. 

So why don’t you have the safest and most effective pest control in your home?

Contact Primo Pest today to set up your consultation and take your first steps to your environmentally safe, and best option to protect your family.